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Interview With Solly Baby Founders


This is our first two part episode.  In these episodes, I interview Elle and Jared Rowley.  Elle started Solly Baby in their apartment while Jared was finished school.  Shortly thereafter, Jared joined in wife in running Solly Baby to take over a lot of the operations of the company so Elle could focus on building the brand.  You can find Elle's interviews here on iTunes or on Stitcher and Jared's interviews here on iTunes or on Stitcher.  

I became fascinated with their company last year when they traveled through Europe with their three kids for about a month, while they continued to run their business.  Since then, I have followed along with their story on how they have positioned their business to operate around their life, instead of living their life around their business.  Recently, Elle and her husband relocated to a farm just outside of Portland, Oregon to separate their work and home life even more.  

It is stories like Elle and Jared's that give me hope on my entrepreneurial journey.  I really enjoyed doing this interview, and I am super thankful to Elle and Jared for being so generous with their time.  


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