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Interview With Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes

Nate and I had the opportunity to interview Utah Attorney General, Sean Reyes.  You can find this interview on iTunes or Stitcher.  Sean is currently running for re-election and you can find out more about his campaign here.

Sean is a little famous for taking over interviews, and he did not disappoint.  Nathan and I got in one question, and Sean took over from there.   

We had a great time listening to Sean tell us about how he bootstrapped his first political campaign, and how running his campaign was similar to starting a company.  Sean ended up losing his first campaign, but in the end he won the ethical long-game because his opponent resigned from office due to allegations of corruption.  

Sean has become locally famous for his rapping skills.  Check out some of these great videos of Sean rapping here and here

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!

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