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From Rapper to Startup Founder

David Peterson
David “Eff” Peterson is the founder and creator of UseMySongs, an online marketplace dedicated to paring musicians with media producers, allowing for better collaboration between the music and video industries. David is also part of the hip-hop group ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”, a revivalist rap duo he formed with his friend David Hawkins in 2009. The group really started to gain momentum in 2012 when David began reaching out to Youtubers to share songs. Since then, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop has generated 150 Million plays on Youtube without spending any money on advertising.  
In this episode we talk about the formation of his new business and the crossover between being a “creative” and an “entrepreneur”. We also discuss social media strategy, talent vs. effort, and what it means to ‘go bananas.’
You can listen to this episode on iTunes or on Stitcher.

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