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Two Brothers, Two Very Different Startups

In episode 33 of Entrepreneur Stories we interview Reid and Jeremiah Robison together.  You can find this episode here on iTunes or on Stitcher.

Reid Robison is a physician turned Data Scientist. CEO & Co-Founder at Tute Genomics Inc. Healthcare transformer at Startup Health. MD & MBA from the University of Utah. Fellowship-trained in genetics & bioinformatics. Co-founded Anolinx, acquired in 2012. Active humanitarian & social entrepreneur. Founded the Polizzi Free Clinic & the Utah Foundation for Biomedical Research. On a crusade to personalize medicine through genomics.

Jeremiah Robison started Beloved Shirts in 2012.  Beloved Shirts was just featured on Shark Tank.  Beloved Shirts dresses both kids and adults with poop emojis, gummie bears, angry electric sockets, hamburgers with angel wings, cats, dogs, unicorns, mac and cheese, popcorn, candy corn, blood splatter or any design you fancy. His outfit prints the outlandish designs on leggings, sweatshirts, blankets, pillow cases and backpacks.

We really had a great time interviewing the Robison Brothers and I hope you enjoy this interview!

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