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Not Your Average Kickstarter Campaign Creator


In episode 34 of Entrepreneur Stories, I interview Marc Rosenberg.  You can find this episode here on iTunes or here on Stitcher.

Marc is not your average crowdfunding campaign creator.  Nor is his innovative product, the Edge Desk, a typical product sold on Kickstarter.  Marc is a seasoned marketing executive who has led campaigns generating more than 4 billion dollars in retail sales globally.

Marc’s extensive experience includes working as the the Senior VP of Marketing at Hasbro and Tiger Electronics.  His achievements have been touted twice by Advertising Age, naming him one of the Top 100 Marketers in America, and by Brandweek Magazine who heralded him One of the Top 7 Marketers Under 40.

Marc’s skills in developing and marketing products was on full display developing and marketing the Edge Desk during his crowdfunding campaign.  Marc and his team raised $412,000, and only spent $8,000 on marketing, which is pretty unheard of nowadays with crowdfunding campaigns.

Marc is an incredible guy, and we had a great time interviewing him!

Check out the Edge Desk here, to learn more about this really cool product that Marc and his team developed!

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