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Turning a Kickstarter Campaign into a Fashion Brand

In this episode, I interview Kory Stevens, the Founder of Taft, a clothing company for men.  You can find this episode on iTunes or on Stitcher.

Fresh out of college and expecting his first baby, Kory started Taft by running a successful Kickstarter campaign for no-show socks.  Kory ran another successful campaign about a year later for ties.  He used the momentum from these campaigns to start selling shoes with innovative designs.  

In this interview, we get into how Kory made the leap from Kickstarter campaigns to building a brand.  Kory has really great insight into building social media momentum, and how social media marketing is changing.  

A big thank you to Kory for taking the time to interview with me.  He really got me thinking about the value of a brand, and how to transition from a Kickstarter to the 'real world'.

Please check out Kory’s awesome products here.

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