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Interview With Corey Blaser

Today I published episode 19 of my podcast.  In this episode, I interview Corey Blaser who is the CEO of Origami.  Corey’s interview can be found here on iTunes or Stitcher.

Corey’s company, Origami, is a predictive analytic software for grocery stores.  This software ensures that products are reordered before they sell out.  Corey walks us through how this innovative software works, how he found this problem for grocery stores, and how his team has gone about solving this problem for grocery stores.  

We also discuss how Corey started his first business when he was 16, and we even discuss his battle with cancer and his journey through treatment.  Corey offers great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, and I’d like to thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule so that we could record this interview.  Enjoy!

You can also listen to the podcast below:

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