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Raising 62 Million Dollars Through Crowdfunding!

Meet Zach Smith. Zach is one of the most ambitious individuals I have ever met.  In the last two years, he has built Funded Today into the most successful crowdfunding marketing firm in the world with his co-founder, Thomas Alvord.  Their firm has helped companies raise over 62 million dollars through crowdfunding.  Some of their most successful campaigns are the World’s Best Travel Jacket, the Everyday Messenger, the Field Skillet, Trunkster, and of course, mine.  

In this interview, we get into which products are the most successful on Kickstarter and how to build a successful Kickstarter campaign.  If you are thinking about doing a Kickstarter campaign, this podcast is a great starting point.

You can listen to this episode on iTunes or Stitcher.

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