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Raising 4 Million Dollars Through Crowdfunding


Today, we published episode 39 of Entrepreneur Stories.  In this episode, I interview Netta Shalgi.  Netta is the Co-Founder and CEO of Travel Lite, Inc.  Netta and his team launched a Kickstarter for their innovative roller bag, G-RO, that raised over 4 million dollars through crowdfunding!  You can find this episode on iTunes or on Stitcher.

Netta started working on this project a couple of years ago.  As he was refining the design of the G-Ro bag, he and his team ran a test Kickstarter campaign with the “My Wooden Horse” project.  After learning the ins and outs of Kickstarter campaigns, he and his team began planning to run the campaign for the G-RO bag.  

In this episode, we discuss how running the “My Wooden Horse” project helped Netta and his team plan and prepare to raise over 4 million.  Netta also discusses his design process and the importance of having two separate PR agencies.

I had a great time interviewing Netta about his incredible project.

You can learn more about his project here:

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