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Using Kickstarter to Build a Company

Episode 41 of “Entrepreneur Stories” is live!  You can listen to it on iTunes or Stitcher.  Hard to believe that we actually have 41 episodes of this podcast.  In this episode, I interview Cameron Gibbs.  Cameron is the co-founder of Noke and Fuz.  

Cameron helped run five different Kickstarter campaigns.  Through these five campaigns, they raised over $1.5 million.  As they ran these campaigns, they were able to not only test the viability of a product on Kickstarter, but also test the viability of a product post-Kickstarter.  After testing out a couple of products, they designed the Noke Padlock that was not only incredibly successful during the Kickstarter campaign, but has continued to be successful, post-Kickstarter.  In this episode, we get into how Cameron knew they could build a company around the padlock and the process of developing and testing products.  

You can learn more about each of their campaigns by clicking below:

Felt Case 32k

Everdock 452k

Everdock Go 75k

Noke U-Lock - 400K

Noke Padlock - 650k

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