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Using Kickstarter to Build a Company

Episode 41 of “Entrepreneur Stories” is live!  You can listen to it on iTunes or Stitcher.  Hard to believe that we actually have 41 episodes of this podcast.  In this episode, I interview Cameron Gibbs.  Cameron is the co-founder of Noke and Fuz.   Cameron helped run five different Kickstarter campaigns.  Through these five campaigns, they raised over $1.5 million.  As they ran these campaigns, they were able to not only test the viability of a product on Kickstarter, but also test the viability of a product post-Kickstarter.  After testing out a couple of products, they designed the Noke Padlock that was not only incredibly successful during the Kickstarter campaign, but has continued to be successful, post-Kickstarter.  In this episode,...

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Raising 62 Million Dollars Through Crowdfunding!

Meet Zach Smith. Zach is one of the most ambitious individuals I have ever met.  In the last two years, he has built Funded Today into the most successful crowdfunding marketing firm in the world with his co-founder, Thomas Alvord.  Their firm has helped companies raise over 62 million dollars through crowdfunding.  Some of their most successful campaigns are the World’s Best Travel Jacket, the Everyday Messenger, the Field Skillet, Trunkster, and of course, mine.   In this interview, we get into which products are the most successful on Kickstarter and how to build a successful Kickstarter campaign.  If you are thinking about doing a Kickstarter campaign, this podcast is a great starting point. You can listen to this episode on iTunes or Stitcher.

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Raising 4 Million Dollars Through Crowdfunding

  Today, we published episode 39 of Entrepreneur Stories.  In this episode, I interview Netta Shalgi.  Netta is the Co-Founder and CEO of Travel Lite, Inc.  Netta and his team launched a Kickstarter for their innovative roller bag, G-RO, that raised over 4 million dollars through crowdfunding!  You can find this episode on iTunes or on Stitcher. Netta started working on this project a couple of years ago.  As he was refining the design of the G-Ro bag, he and his team ran a test Kickstarter campaign with the “My Wooden Horse” project.  After learning the ins and outs of Kickstarter campaigns, he and his team began planning to run the campaign for the G-RO bag.   In this episode,...

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Teaching Kids Computer Programming

You can listen to this new episode on iTunes or on Stitcher. Jared Rhodes is a student of biology and genetics who's founded a number of companies in the education space. His companies include a language school, a CPR training course and most notable the World Tech Academy, a web development and design school targeting individuals looking to get their start in the field of computer programming. Jared grew up in Virginia and has been involved in entrepreneurship since his youth.

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The Most Intense Product Design Process

Listen to this episode on iTunes or on Stitcher Meet Elad Burko: a serial entrepreneur that was able to combine art and business.  He started his business almost nine years ago when a good friend gave him a paper wallet from Italy.  Elad felt he could make a better version of the wallet and he went to work finding materials and designing a wallet.  After a bunch of iterations, Elad and his team came up with the Paperwallet.  You’ll have to listen to the podcast to learn how Elad’s first Kickstarter went! Last year, Elad and his team used Kickstarter to launch a bunch of different artist collaborations.  Now almost a year later, Elad and his team are back on...

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