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Interview With The Crowdfunding Blogger and Podcaster

In this episode of Entrepreneur Stories, I interview the go-to blogger and podcaster Sal Briggman.  You can find this episode here on iTunes or on here Stitcher. Sal is the go-to crowdfunding blogger and podcaster on the internet.  When I was preparing for my crowdfunding campaign, a lot of the strategies and tactics I used came from Sal’s website and podcast.   In this interview, Sal and I get into how he ended up working for himself, the different things he’s learned along the way, his best advice for crowdfunding campaign creators, and equity crowdfunding campaigns.   A big thank you to Sal for taking the time to interview with me! You can find his website and podcast here.

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Turning a Kickstarter Campaign into a Fashion Brand

In this episode, I interview Kory Stevens, the Founder of Taft, a clothing company for men.  You can find this episode on iTunes or on Stitcher. Fresh out of college and expecting his first baby, Kory started Taft by running a successful Kickstarter campaign for no-show socks.  Kory ran another successful campaign about a year later for ties.  He used the momentum from these campaigns to start selling shoes with innovative designs.   In this interview, we get into how Kory made the leap from Kickstarter campaigns to building a brand.  Kory has really great insight into building social media momentum, and how social media marketing is changing.   A big thank you to Kory for taking the time to interview...

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Not Your Average Kickstarter Campaign Creator

  In episode 34 of Entrepreneur Stories, I interview Marc Rosenberg.  You can find this episode here on iTunes or here on Stitcher. Marc is not your average crowdfunding campaign creator.  Nor is his innovative product, the Edge Desk, a typical product sold on Kickstarter.  Marc is a seasoned marketing executive who has led campaigns generating more than 4 billion dollars in retail sales globally. Marc’s extensive experience includes working as the the Senior VP of Marketing at Hasbro and Tiger Electronics.  His achievements have been touted twice by Advertising Age, naming him one of the Top 100 Marketers in America, and by Brandweek Magazine who heralded him One of the Top 7 Marketers Under 40. Marc’s skills in developing and...

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Two Brothers, Two Very Different Startups

In episode 33 of Entrepreneur Stories we interview Reid and Jeremiah Robison together.  You can find this episode here on iTunes or on Stitcher. Reid Robison is a physician turned Data Scientist. CEO & Co-Founder at Tute Genomics Inc. Healthcare transformer at Startup Health. MD & MBA from the University of Utah. Fellowship-trained in genetics & bioinformatics. Co-founded Anolinx, acquired in 2012. Active humanitarian & social entrepreneur. Founded the Polizzi Free Clinic & the Utah Foundation for Biomedical Research. On a crusade to personalize medicine through genomics. Jeremiah Robison started Beloved Shirts in 2012.  Beloved Shirts was just featured on Shark Tank.  Beloved Shirts dresses both kids and adults with poop emojis, gummie bears, angry electric sockets, hamburgers with angel...

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From Rapper to Startup Founder

David “Eff” Peterson is the founder and creator of UseMySongs, an online marketplace dedicated to paring musicians with media producers, allowing for better collaboration between the music and video industries. David is also part of the hip-hop group ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”, a revivalist rap duo he formed with his friend David Hawkins in 2009. The group really started to gain momentum in 2012 when David began reaching out to Youtubers to share songs. Since then, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop has generated 150 Million plays on Youtube without spending any money on advertising.   In this episode we talk about the formation of his new business and the crossover between being a “creative” and an “entrepreneur”. We also discuss social...

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