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Interview With Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes

Nate and I had the opportunity to interview Utah Attorney General, Sean Reyes.  You can find this interview on iTunes or Stitcher.  Sean is currently running for re-election and you can find out more about his campaign here. Sean is a little famous for taking over interviews, and he did not disappoint.  Nathan and I got in one question, and Sean took over from there.    We had a great time listening to Sean tell us about how he bootstrapped his first political campaign, and how running his campaign was similar to starting a company.  Sean ended up losing his first campaign, but in the end he won the ethical long-game because his opponent resigned from office due to allegations of corruption.   Sean...

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Interview with Bryce Fisher, Co-Founder of Ravean

In this episode of Entrepreneur Stories, I interview Bryce Fisher.  Bryce is the Co-Founder of Ravean.  You can find the interview on iTunes or Stitcher. Bryce and his Co-Founders team are currently running a Kickstarter for a heated sleeping bag liner.  They funded this campaign in 15 minutes! I don't know if this the record for the fastest time in funding a campaign, but it is pretty impressive.  This is Ravean's second Kickstarter campaign.  Last fall, they ran their first campaign for a heated jacket.  This campaign raised over a million dollars.  Clearly, they understand a thing or two about running crowdfunding campaigns and launching products.   Bryce has a really cool story on how he started off as an entrepreneur...

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Interview With Solly Baby Founders

  This is our first two part episode.  In these episodes, I interview Elle and Jared Rowley.  Elle started Solly Baby in their apartment while Jared was finished school.  Shortly thereafter, Jared joined in wife in running Solly Baby to take over a lot of the operations of the company so Elle could focus on building the brand.  You can find Elle's interviews here on iTunes or on Stitcher and Jared's interviews here on iTunes or on Stitcher.   I became fascinated with their company last year when they traveled through Europe with their three kids for about a month, while they continued to run their business.  Since then, I have followed along with their story on how they have positioned their business to operate around their...

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Interview With Joe Atkin

In this episode or Entrepreneur Stories, I interview Joe Atkin.  Joe was one of the first employees at Goal Zero when it was still pre-revenue and he helped lead the company all the way through an acquisition.  You can find this episode here on iTunes or on Stitcher. Before Joe joined Goal Zero full time in 2009, he served as a Senior Manager in the Performance Group at Sorenson Capital. He has started four businesses and served as the President, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Marketing for several businesses ranging from $1 to $70 million in revenue. Since I am launching my Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday.  You can see a preview of my campaign here.  Please sign up...

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Interview with Davis Smith, Founder and CEO of Cotopaxi

In this episode, we interview Davis Smith, Founder and CEO of Cotapaxi.  You can find this episode here on iTunes or Stitcher.   Davis is a serial e-commerce entrepreneur. He is currently the founding CEO of Cotopaxi, a vertically integrated e-commerce brand in the outdoor space. Prior to starting Cotopaxi he was the Co-CEO of, Brazil's leading e-commerce company focused on the baby care space. raised over $40M in venture capital, led by Accel Partners and Tiger Global. In 2004, Davis founded, and later sold,, America's largest pool table retailer. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University (BA in International Studies), the University of Pennsylvania's Lauder Institute (MA in International Studies) and Wharton School (MBA). If...

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