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Interview With Shawn Nelson - Founder and CEO of LOVESAC

Today, I released episode 25 of my podcast.  In this episode, I interview Shawn Nelson.  Shawn is the Founder and CEO of LOVESAC.  You can find this episode here on iTunes or Stitcher. Shawn is unique in that he has been an entrepreneur in the same company for almost 16 years.  Most entrepreneurs in this day-and-age would have already sold or moved on from their first company.  It follows that Shawn has an important and interesting perspective on business and growth since he has kept at building the same company through its various different stages. I appreciate the time Shawn took out of his busy schedule so that I could interview him.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much...

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Interview With Daren Smith

I have taken a bit of a hiatus from podcasting and blogging because I’ve spent the last couple of weeks preparing to launch my crowdfunding campaign.  The backpack will be go live on Kickstarter in the next couple of weeks!  I had planned on launching the campaign this past week, but pushed it back so I could prepare more PR and marketing.  I will have lots of exciting updates about the campaign in the coming weeks! Episode 24 of Entrepreneur Stories is now live.  In this episode, Nathan Murray interviews Daren Smith.  You can find this episode on iTunes or Stitcher. Daren Smith is a co-owner and producer at Telekinesis Entertainment, a full service production and post-production company specializing in...

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Interview with Rob Nelson

I published episode 22 of my podcast today.  In this episode, I interview Rob Nelson the Founder and CEO of Grow.  You can find this episode on iTunes. Grow is the second company that Rob has started.  Rob started his first company, Logica, while he was still in college.  Logica quickly became one of the fastest growing private companies.  Logica provides freight audit services for high volume shippers, like FedEx, UPS, and DHL.  Logica services large and mid-market companies including Target, Burger King, 1-800 Flowers, Columbia Sportswear, and many more.   At Logica, Rob realized that a simple software to aggregate and analyze business intelligence did not exist.  After selling Logica, Rob started Grow to solve this business intelligence problem.  In...

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Interview With Brandon Hassler

This episode of Entrepreneur Stories is the first interview published by Nathan Murray.  If you missed my last podcast with Nathan discussing why we brought him on as a co-host, check it out here.   In this episode, Nathan interviews Brandon Hassler.  Brandon is the Founder and CEO of Market Campus, an online digital marketing school, as well as the Co-Founder of the Skills Association, a network of skill-specific schools from around the world that provide students the resources necessary to train for the modern workplace. Brandon has a deep understanding of marketing and marketing trends. He is both a practitioner and a teacher and has an interesting story about how he hacked his own education and career to get...

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Introducing Nathan Murray

In this episode, I interview & introduce Nathan Murray.  Nathan is joining the Entrepreneur Stories podcast as a co-host.  Nathan will host at least two podcasts a month.  I met Nathan a little over a year ago at an entrepreneur event in Provo.  After publishing a few of my first episodes, I invited Nathan to help me prepare for a couple of my interviews.    He impressed me so much that I invited him to join me as a co-host.   Nathan was one of the early adopters of podcasts and probably listens to more podcasts than anyone I have ever met.  He was one of the first people to listen to my podcasts and always had great comments and questions...

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