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Interview With Nick Wells

Today I published episode 20 of my podcast.  I am pretty excited that I have been able to interview so many people in the last couple of months.  In honor of the 20th episode, I have published an interview with Nick Wells.  Nick is a really good friend, mentor, and ally of mine.   I met Nick shortly after I graduated from law school, about five years ago.  At that time, Nick had recently moved from Connecticut to Utah, and he helped me get started in the legal industry.  We have kept in touch over the years, and Nick continues to mentor me. Nick is an incredible attorney, with a fascinating career path.  He had a stable position at a...

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Interview With Corey Blaser

Today I published episode 19 of my podcast.  In this episode, I interview Corey Blaser who is the CEO of Origami.  Corey’s interview can be found here on iTunes or Stitcher. Corey’s company, Origami, is a predictive analytic software for grocery stores.  This software ensures that products are reordered before they sell out.  Corey walks us through how this innovative software works, how he found this problem for grocery stores, and how his team has gone about solving this problem for grocery stores.   We also discuss how Corey started his first business when he was 16, and we even discuss his battle with cancer and his journey through treatment.  Corey offers great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, and I’d like...

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Courtney Kendrick Interview

Episode 18 of my podcast, “Entrepreneur Stories,” is live!  In this episode, I interview Courtney Kendrick, who is also known as the writer of the C. Jane Kendrick Blog.  This had to be one of the easiest interviews I have done yet because Courtney was so fun and easy-going. Courtney started her blog in 2005 to share her story of dealing with infertility.  At one point, Courtney’s blog grew to over 100,000 visitors a day, which opened doors to opportunities, such as book deals and article publications.  Courtney has expanded her influence by starting the Provo Concert Series, and she is currently working with community outreach for the Provo mayor.   I’d like to thank Courtney for her time, and...

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Interview With Jared Shores

Today I have released my interview with Jared Shores.  The link to the interview can be found here.  Jared is the Co-Creator, Director, and Producer of Studio C.  You might be familiar with Studio C, via "Scott Sterling":   Jared has an inspiring story, starting as a part-time college student working in the sound department, rising to become the Creative Development Supervisor at BYUtv.  Along the way, Jared built up enough trust with his supervisor, and convinced the department to take a risk on the first comedy skit show on BYUtv.  Now millions of views later, Jared shares his story and insights on how he keeps Studio C moving forward.   Below are some examples of Studio C videos.      

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