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Social Media Report Card

This is the first of a series of social media reports that I will post each week summarizing my social media growth and interaction.  Each week, I will review different strategies that I implemented, the strategy’s origin, and its success or failure.  As a warning, you might find this blog post a bit dry if you're not interested in statistics and building a community brand. 


This week the strategy that I tried to implement was consistency in posting.  (This strategy can be found here:  I made a goal to post twice a day to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and post two separate blog articles.

I was only successful with the Instagram and blog posts. I consistently posted twice a day on Instagram, with one exception. However, I failed to post regularly on Facebook and Instagram. This failure should not occur again, as now Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all synced.  From here on out when I post on Instagram, it will simultaneously post on Facebook and Twitter.


This week our Instagram following grew by 23%.  This substantial increase came mostly from reaching out to family and friends and requesting that they follow my profile.  I believe this increase in followers led to an increase in the average of likes.  

The most successful post on Instagram I had this week was the photo advertising Breton Company’s second blog post. This post received 20 likes and 2 comments.

The second most successful post on Instagram was one of my panorama posts.

The below panorama of the beautiful Cannon Beach collected 48 likes and 1 comment over three pictures.


Surprisingly, trotting out the adorable photos of my daughter did not garner more likes.


LinkedIn Demographics Insights

I found the LinkedIn demographic data extremely interesting. The demographics on my first blog post, My Entrepreneur Challenge, surprised me. As seen below, most of the individuals that read my blog on LinkedIn were from Utah, which is not surprising. My readership from New York, Portugal, and Sacramento were unexpected! Below are the complete demographics on my first two blog posts. From here on out, I will post my blog readership each week.

Top Industries Top Job Titles Top Locations Top Traffic Sources
44% Law Practice 24% Founder/Partner 45% Salt Lake City 59%
8% Apparel & Fashion 23% Lawyer/Judge 15% Provo, UT 20% Homepage
8% Legal Services 9% Product Manager 8% New York, NY 12% LinkedIn Profile
7% Financial Services 6% Patent Attorney 4% Lisbon, Portugal 9% LinkedIn Pulse
5% Architecture & Planning 6% Salesperson 4% Sacramento, CA
4% Human Resources 4% Graphic Designer 4% Phoenix, AZ
4% Health, Wellness and Fitness 4% Marketing Specialist 3% Norfolk, VA
3% Electrical Manufacturing 3% Research/Graduate Assistant 3% Washington, D.C.
3% Marketing and Advertising 3% Non-Profit Board Member 2% Chicago, IL
2% Accounting 2% Product Developer 2% Dubuque, IA



This week, likes and interaction on Facebook dropped by over 90%.  I think one of the biggest issues was the failure to post consistently on Facebook.  Additionally, I need to figure out a way to get friends on Facebook to share our posts to stimulate more likes and interaction. 

Raw Data

Below is the raw data of my social media impressions. The raw data will reflect the growth, whether positive or negative, over the previous week's data. Any mathematical mistakes are not my fault, but the fault of my calculator. I’d love to respond to any questions or comments that you may have.

Social Media Statistics for Week of 7/31/15 - 8/6/2015
7/24 - 7/30 7/31 - 8/6 Growth
Facebook Number of Posts 2 2 0%
Likes 65 2 -97%
Post Reach 1267 128 -90%
Engagement 153 29 -81%
Instagram Followers 115 142 23%
Number of Posts 3 10 233%
Total Likes 31 139 348%
Average Likes 10.3 13.9 35%
Total Comments 2 18 800%
Average Comments 0.6 1.8 200%
Linkedin Number of Active Posts 1 2 100%
Number of Readers 25 152 508%
Number of Likes 9 14 56%
Number of Comments 2 6 200%
Website/Blog Sites Visits 152 180 18%
Traffic Sources Social/Facebook 100 90 -10%
Direct 49 80 63%
Referrerals 4 10 150%