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Brand Message: Marketing Research

The following post is about survey that I have posted here for marketing research.   

I have been researching different marketing strategies in preparation to launch my first Kickstarter.  Click here to review my Kickstarter Project. One of the consistent themes I find is that a Kickstarter campaign, or any product’s success for that matter, is dependent upon building a community.  One of the more effective ways to build a community is to convince potential community members of the value of your brand or product.

This sounds so simple.  The problem then, is how do you convince a group of people you don’t yet know that they value your brand or product?  There are various articles that discuss different processes when developing a brand message, but they all kind of come to the same conclusion: you need to know your customer, you need to know your company, and you need to know your competition.  (Links to articles on how to develop a brand message:,,

In an effort to understand our potential community members, I have developed a survey that will allow us to learn what they value and how we can develop a message that resonates with them.  Please click on the following link to take my survey: 

After you have taken the survey, please share it with your friends and family.