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Podcast Success

I finally figured out how to post my podcast! After trying in vain for three days to figure it out by myself, I finally listened to my wife and emailed Libsyn’s support team.  Not surprisingly, they were able to help me figure it out in about five minutes.

Here is what prevented me from uploading my podcast.  First, Libsyn is a media host that allows you to store your podcasts.  Libsyn generates your podcast feed and then you can upload it to Itunes.  I uploaded the episode correctly.  I uploaded the episode artwork correctly.  However, I didn't realize I had to add the artwork to the entire podcast show.  Writing this in retrospect makes me feel really dumb because I should have realized that I needed to add artwork to the show.  In my defense, where you go to add artwork to the show is kind of hidden (at least that is what I think).  

Below are the verbatim instructions that I received from Libsyn on how to upload the artwork for the show.

Log in to Libsyn
Mouse over Settings
Click Edit show settings
Beside Artwork, click Upload new to continue
Click Save to save the changes

Yes it was that easy!

The podcast is being processed by Itunes and I will post the link when it becomes available.