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StartFEST Day 1


(Greg Warnock, Josh James and Jeff Kearl)

Yesterday, I attended Provo’s StartFEST.  It was exciting to see some of Utah’s most successful entrepreneurs, like Ryan Smith of Qualtrics, Jeff Kearl of Stance, Josh James of Domo, and so many others.  I think the hardest part was trying to take in all of the information throughout the day.  Below are some of my favorite quotes and thoughts from the day.  

A Conversation With Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith

"You need to make sure your business is fully baked before you try to scale it"

“You will learn a lot more from companies that failed than succeeded.”

A Fireside Chat With Mercato Partners Managing Director - Greg Warnock,  DOMO CEO - Josh James & Stance CEO - Jeff Kearl

“If you can’t find money, your business probably sucks.” Josh James

“When you choose a job, don’t choose it for the money, choose it for the people and the

experience.” Jeff Kearl

“Influence and persuasion are the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur.” Greg Warnock

Susan Petersen - CEO, Freshly Picked

Three important principles to develop in your company:
  1. Face things head on
  2. Be as transparent as possible
  3. Celebrate milestones with customers and your team

Jeff Lyman - CMO, Vivint

“Have courage to lead from the front in business.”

“Do not follow or get stuck in the pack.  Have the courage to get out front and innovate.”

“By being innovative and leading from the front, you will save money in the long run.”

Jeff Burningham - Founder, Peak Ventures

Three things that Jeff looks for in an entrepreneur when he is deciding to invest in a company:

  1. Will to win
  2. Ability to lead a team
  3. Big vision

STARTfest lasts throughout the rest of this week, and I will continue posting updates to Twitter and Instagram.