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StartFEST Day 3

(StartFEST graffiti art)

The best news from today was that I received a phone call letting me know that the newly designed backpack sample is ready, along with an email letting me see some pictures of the sample!  I had the backpack overnighted so that I can look at it in more detail tomorrow

I also attended some lectures at StartFEST.  I had a really fun time and learned a lot.  I was so inspired and motivated by such speakers as Jeff Kearl, Josh James, Greg Warnock, Jeff Lyman, Clarke Miyasaki, Susan Petersen, David Bradford, Gavin Christensen, Dave Bateman, and Jeff Burningham.  However, the speaker who had the most practical advice for me in my business, was a presenter named Heidi Green.  

Heidi spoke about connecting with (not selling to) people through social media.  One of the reasons I enjoyed this presentation so much is because I have been trying to build an audience around my crowdfunding campaigns.  She explained the importance of building a community of people who are interested in my business because of my story and my ideals.  I have seen the effect that a strong community can have on a crowdfunding campaign's success, and Heidi's words have helped give me vision of what to do in the future to continue building a community. 

Heidi also talked about the importance of knowing your audience, and communicating with them.   She explained that it’s not enough to define who your audience is.  You’ve also got to understand their interests and join their conversations.  My backpack is designed to replace briefcases for young professionals.  In order to get my product out there, I need to learn about what young professionals are interested in and where they are going to communicate with one another.  

While StartFEST has been overwhelming at times, as I have thought about starting my own company, I have also gained so much direction and inspiration that I will be able to use in my company.