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Entrepreneur Stories: Episode 4


Today, I posted Episode 4 of my podcast which can be found on iTunes here, on Stitcher here, or below.  In this episode, I interview Jess Larsen, the President of Armour Stream and Founder of the Child Rescue Association.  

Jess’s entrepreneur story is incredible, from dropping out of design school, to founding his current venture, Armour Midstream, which is an asset management firm.  I was so impressed that Jess also found to start the Child Rescue Association, a nonprofit that rescues children from sex slavery around the world.  Over the years, Jess has started numerous different private equity startups and has a wealth of knowledge from his successes and failures.  During his career, he’s also had the opportunity to consult for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and the US Special Operations Command.  

Please check it out and let me know what you think.