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Interview with Tom Clark - Social Dental's Founder and CEO

Today, I published the 5th episode of Entrepreneur Stories!  The episode can be found here  Someone recently asked me what my end goal is with this podcast.  I told him that I started doing it for the purpose of networking and building a community around my crowdfunding projects.  During this process however, the podcast has become a major source of inspiration for me personally as an entrepreneur, and many days has inspired me to keep going.

In today’s episode, I interview Tom Clark, the Founder and CEO of Social Dental.  Tom is a serial entrepreneur who has one of the best stories I have ever heard, including leaving college for good during the middle of one of his classroom lectures.  

Tom’s objective with Social Dental from the beginning was to make the walls of a dental practice transparent.  In other words, he wanted to help dentists share the incredible things they were accomplishing in their practices everyday.  

In the last couple of years, Social Dental has gone from a one-man operation to a 60-person team.  In fact, over the last three months alone, Social Dental has hired 48 people.  As the CEO, Tom has taken full responsibility to ensure that his company’s culture can endure such massive growth.  As a result of Tom’s efforts, his company has grown at around 30% a month during the last three months.  

Social Dental’s massive growth did not come as a result of an investment, but as a result of personal sacrifice.  Tom went nine months without any income, so that he could hire the right people, who could help the company continue to grow.   

One of the most important takeaways for me from this interview is that you need passion to be successful in life.  I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as I enjoyed interviewing Tom.