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Interview with David Lesué, Founder and CEO of Stately Type

Stately Type Interview

A new episode of my podcast, “Entrepreneur Stories” has been published.  You can find the podcast here.  In this episode, I interview David Lesué.  David is the CEO and Founder of Stately Type.  David is also working full time as the creative director at Workfront.  

Recently, I have talked to a lot of entrepreneurs who wished they had waited another six months to a year before they quit their previous job.  David is a great example of someone who has kept his full time job and started a successful company on the side.  According to David, the reason it works so well is because Stately Type allows him to design in a way that he doesn't necessarily get to do anymore as a creative director.  

Stately Type was born while David was doodling as he was watching TV.  It wasn't until he posted his drawings on social media that he realized he might have something, because the reaction he got from his followers was so overwhelmingly positive.  This led David to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which did quite well.  Since the initial crowdfunding campaign, Stately Type has continued to release new t-shirts on almost a weekly basis.  

One of the genius things about David's company is that he has found a way to essentially run a weekly crowdfunding campaign.  Each week, David posts new designs he has created on Stately Type's Instagram feed, and his followers then vote on their favorite designs.  The design that receives the most votes is then available for preorders.  This allows David to test out designs to make sure there is an audience before taking a financial position.  

With a design background, David has learned the business side of his company on the fly.  As he has gone along, he has learned a lot from books such as the Lean Startup and Mind Set.  One of the things David has learned is where to focus his business.  For example, David has pivoted Stately Type from focusing solely on making shirts for states and has started to focus on making shirts with large communities that will have a broader appeal than say Idaho.

I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as I enjoyed interviewing David.  

Here are some examples of his t-shirts: 

 USA Eagle T-shirt  Washington T-shirt