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Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup

I am going to try something new.  Going forward, each Friday I am going to do a roundup of everything I find interesting throughout the week.  This blog post will include articles, podcasts, Apps, and anything else I stumble upon.  So with that, please enjoy the first installment of my Friday Roundup.


Tim Ferris Show: Interview with Casey Neistat - How Casey Neistat Gets Away With Murder   

Tim Ferris Show: Interview with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

If you haven’t listened to the Tim Ferris podcast, you should.  I haven’t listened to all of his podcasts, but he generally has interesting people, and I always learn something.

The Bill Simmons Podcast

Ep. 19: Malcolm Gladwell

Ep. 13: Joe House NBA Over/Under East Preview

Ep. 15: Joe House NBA Over/Under West Preview

If you are a fan of the NBA, or sports in general, you have probably heard of Bill Simmons.  His podcasts are always enjoyable.  In episode 19, Simmons and Gladwell spend the first part of the podcast discussing everything that is wrong with ESPN.  Episodes 13 & 15 are great if you enjoy the NBA, as Bill and his buddy, Joe House, discuss each team of the NBA.


“Reconsider,” by Basecamp Co-Founder

This is a great article that discusses how to create a company without raising venture capital money.  It also jumps into the topic of how taking venture capital money is like having another boss.  As someone who never wants to have another boss, I really enjoyed this article.

The Ultimate Marketing Stack for Startups

This is a practical article and gives a list of apps that can help you with marketing your company.

“Stock Photos that Don’t Suck: A List of Places to Find the Best Free Stock Photos”

This is a great article that has a list of different stock photo websites.  As someone who has been searching for photos recently, I found this article really useful.


Adobe Capture:

This app is really fun.  I stumbled upon it the other day.  This app captures the shapes out of photos.  Below is an example of what it can do.  

Freshly Picked Pizza
Freshly Picked Pizza

Since I was going to start paying for my Basecamp subscription this week, I started looking for a less expensive project management tool.  If you haven’t used Basecamp, it is an app that helps you manage all of your different projects.  I have been using it for the last 30 days or so.  The only problem I have with Basecamp is its price -- $20 per month.  

So, I started my search with two things in mind: I wanted something similar to Basecamp, and I wanted it to be free or really inexpensive.  In looking for a solution, I found this article (link) by Life Hack that reviewed five different project management tools.  After checking out each tool, I picked Asana (Link) because it’s pretty similar in its functionality, when compared to Basecamp, and it is free.  So far, I am enjoying the tool.


I know, I know, another social media app.  However, this app has some cool ideas behind it.  This app is similar to Snapchat, in that the information posted is raw and unpolished.  I have enjoyed exploring it this week.  Here is a video showing how the app works.  If you download the app, you can follow me at bretoncompany.