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Interview with Albion Fit

Guatemala with Albion Fit

In episode eleven of my podcast, I interview Liz and Dave Findlay, the Co-Founders of Albion Fit.  Liz and Dave are really good friends of mine that showed me around Guatemala a couple of years ago when I took the above picture.  Albion Fit makes fitness clothing and swimsuits for women and girls.  This episode can be found on iTunes or Stitcher.

Liz and Dave have built an incredible business, and I love their inspiring story because they refused to quit in spite of their circumstances.  Liz and Dave moved to Guatemala around ten years ago to help Liz’s father run a manufacturing business.  Shortly after moving to Guatemala, the market changed dramatically, and a once thriving business with over 1000 workers was dramatically cut.  Liz and Dave quickly learned to adapt to the market, and out of creativity and sheer will-power, they were able to keep the manufacturing business running.  

After dealing with all of the headaches that come from manufacturing for other companies, such as, shrinking margins and the uncertainty of additional orders, Liz and Dave decided to start their own swimsuit and fitness clothing company.  Liz and Dave’s heart-wrenching story makes what they have accomplished even more incredible.  

Enjoy the podcast!