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Interview With Jordan Winn

Jordan Winn Interview

In today’s episode, I interview Jordan Winn.  The episode can be here.  Jordan is the creative mind behind the winnlosedraw instagram account and he is also the founder of Dead Rooster Co, which is a dry rub barbeque company.  In addition, Jordan also works on freelance design and photography.  

Jordan is the fourth person I have interviewed who dropped out of college to pursue their dreams.  Jordan was a senior in college when he decided to stop going to school so that he could pursue graphic designing full time.  Jordan explains that he came to a crossroads - He could continue his studies, become a psychiatrist, and have a good income and steady job, or he could chase something that he was passionate about and become a designer.  

Ultimately, Jordan decided to drop out of school and pursue his passion as a designer.  After a couple of years working on his craft full-time, he had the opportunity to work for a software company and then an advertising agency.  Now, Jordan has decided to work for himself as a freelancer and focus on his own companies.