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Interview With Rick Atkin

Rick Atkin

In this episode of Entrepreneur Stories, I interview Rick Atkin.  Rick is the Founder and CEO of Sole Fire.  Sole Fire is a company that is in the process of developing technology for shoe inserts that heat up by the movement of your feet.  Rick was able to license this interesting technology with the University of Utah’s Tech Office.  We discuss this long process in the episode, along with many other topics.

We discuss the different technical difficulties Rick has run into while developing the technology behind Sole Fire.  While discussing employment issues, Rick shares why he believes you need to understand a person’s failure narrative and their soft skills in order to hire the right person.  

For anyone out there who wishes they were an entrepreneur, Rick shares the discipline he needed, so that he could keep his day job and follow his dreams. Rick also gives valuable advice, as he discusses when he plans on leaving his full-time job in order to pursue his company.

We even dip a little into artificial intelligence!  A big thank you to Rick for his time and insights.  You can find the episode here on iTunes or Stitcher.