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eCommerce Lessons

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that my wife and I were going to try and start an online business.  Prior to starting our company, I went and sat in each room of our house and wrote down everything that I saw.  I had a long list of potential products that we could sell.  My wife was looking over this list and she thought selling tampons online might be a good idea.  We did a bit of investigation and decided that organic tampons might work.  

The next step was trying to find a distributor.  We started by calling the different organic tampon companies.  After speaking to a couple of different places, we decided to use Honest Green.  Honest Green is a great company because they will dropship products so you don't have to pre-purchase inventory.  It took about two weeks longer than expected to work out the agreement with them before we could start selling.  

After we got the agreement worked out, my wife and I started setting up a website on Shopify.  You can see our website here.  

So why organic tampons?  My wife pointed out that you cannot generally buy them in stores and it seemed like there was not a lot of competition for selling organic tampons online.  So we tried it.

We knew Amazon sold organic tampons, but we were hoping that the market wasn’t overly saturated.  What we are learning is that Amazon essentially owns ecommerce on the Internet.  Additionally, there’s a company called Lola that sells 100% cotton tampons, and we thought if a company could raise money, and start their own higher-end tampon company, that there might be room in the market for us.  Unfortunately, trying to get people to buy from a 3rd-party site is difficult and frustrating.  You can easily buy traffic through Facebook and Google Adwords, but maintaining the traffic costs money.  We were surprised at how many people visited our site over the course of a week, but our profits didn’t justify the advertising costs.  As it stands, we are still trying to figure out if we can make this tampon idea work.

Please take a look at our site here, and comment below if you have any ideas or suggestions!