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Interview With Cahlan Sharp

Cahlan Sharp

Today I published episode 15 of my podcast. In this episode, I interview Cahlan Sharp about starting his business, Dev Mountain, which is a successful and competitive coding school.  You can find the episode here on iTunes or Stitcher.

Cahlan’s entrepreneurial journey started in college when he realized he didn’t want to be a doctor because he wasn’t passionate about the work.  At the time, he was working at an educational company doing marketing and simple coding.  In addition to work, he taught himself how to code at night.  Cahlan came to realize that he had a passion for coding.  After a couple of years, he was able to start working as a computer programmer.  

Cahlan ended up becoming an entrepreneur by accident.  After accepting a new job, he realized that he was hired on as a contractor, not an employee.  He considered finding a more stable job, but decided to keep moving along this pathway to see where it led him.

Now a couple of years later, and a couple of ventures later, Cahlan has started Dev Mountain.  Cahlan brought on two additional co-founders to do the operations and marketing, so he could focus on teaching.  As a result, he and his team have grown Dev Mountain to a three-campus school in just two years.  

In this podcast, we discuss not only Cahlan’s journey in order to start his company, but also the challenges of growing his company to its current size, and how the stress and obligation grows with each employee.

I had a great time interviewing Cahlan, and I think you will really enjoy this podcast.