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Interview with David Bradford

Today I published episode 15 of my podcast.  In this episode, I interview David Bradford about his career and networking.  David has helped run companies such as Novell, Fusion iO, and Hirevue.  He is currently running Fluentworlds with his wife.  This episode can be found here

David Bradford has to be one of the most connected individuals that I have ever met.  I actually came up with a game called the seven degrees of David Bradford.  I like to look up a CEO of a major company on Linkedin and see if David is connected with them.  Around 90% of the time, he is a direct contact of the individual.  

David learned the importance of networking when he graduated from law school and struggled to find a job.  David was surprised when other graduates (ones that ranked lower than him) found jobs because of who they knew, not necessarily what they knew.  After realizing the power of networking, David put a lot of effort into meeting and building relationships.  Today, David counts Steve Young, Steve Wozinak, and many others, as his connections.  David has actually written a book on networking called "Up Your Game: The Six Timeless Principles For Networking Your Way to The Top." 

I really had a great time interviewing David, and I couldn’t be more grateful that he took time out of his day to speak with me.  I hope you enjoy this interview!  Please comment below and share this with your network.