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Kickstart Launch in T minus 30 - 40 Days

The Modern Day Briefcase

Since I left Freshly Picked last July, I have been dying to launch my crowdfunding campaign.  I am super excited to say that we are about 30 - 40 days away from launching the campaign.   

Now it’s finally time for me to start implementing all of the marketing advice I have been reading over the past year.  One of the most concise summaries on running a successful campaign can be found on Tim Ferris’ Blog - “Hacking Kickstarter: How to raise $100,000 in 10 days.”  One of the most powerful ideas this blog post teaches is running a “scorched earth” campaign, or in other words, making sure the word of my backpack reaches every customer it possibly can, as I market and promote this campaign.

In running a scorched earth campaign, the idea is not to market the backpack to anyone who has a pulse, but to the people who might actually buy the product.  My primary target community is professionals who are between the age of 25 - 40.  As it follows, I have focused my campaign on channels that will connect with this target community.  One of the clearest angles is to promote the campaign through menswear influencers and bloggers because this demographic cares about their appearance and spends money on it.  

However, as I have researched other ways to connect with my target community, I have found that connecting with men through their wife or significant other will increase the odds of product purchases.  A good explanation of this theory can be found here  By targeting the spouses and significant others within my target community, I will add a significant number of influencers and bloggers who will promote my campaign.

Now, all I have to do in the next 30 days is get hundreds of these relevant influencers and bloggers to agree to promote my campaign.  Sounds like a piece of cake to me.