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Kickstarter Launch Date Finalized!

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The last time I wrote a blog post about my crowdfunding campaign, I was convinced I would launch my campaign within 20 days.  According to that timeline, I would have launched my campaign last week.  This whole setting a date thing has been fairly frustrating.  I’ve been tempted to just launch the campaign before it’s completely ready, but after working for about a year on this project, I want to make sure I do things right.  After a lot of push-backs and road-bumps, I am happy to announce that the official launch date is March 1st!

One thing that kept pushing back my campaign was setting up the marketing for the campaign.  My first thought was that I could learn how to do paid marketing because it couldn’t be that hard.  The more I researched the process, the more I realized that it was much more complicated than I had ever expected, and it was really expensive.  

At one point, I decided that I was not going to run paid marketing ads, and I was going to focus on working with influencers and blogs to run my campaign.  However, I was recently re-reading Tim Ferriss’  blog post on how to run a crowdfunding campaign.  According to Tim’s research, Facebook was the number one referrer for crowdfunding campaigns.  Since Facebook requires you to pay for ads, it follows that you must use paid advertising to get the most out of your campaign.  

So, I started looking for a marketing firm to help me with paid advertising.  As I was looking, I tried to figure out how much money I should plan on spending, but I couldn’t find any information on the exact amount that previous companies had spent on their paid marketing.  About this time, I listened to an interview by Salvador Briggman with Bryce Fisher.  At the time of the interview, Bryce was in the middle of running a crowdfunding campaign for his company, Ravean, that ended up earning 1.3 million dollars on Kickstarter.  When asked about paid marketing, Bryce said, “You have to be prepared to spend a lot of money on paid marketing to make money on a crowdfunding campaign.”  Since I didn’t have a lot of money, I needed to find someone willing to take the risk and spend the money.

After researching a couple of different options, I decided to hire a marketing firm called Funded Today that specializes in crowdfunding marketing.  This company is the same company that did the marketing for Bryce’s campaign, and many others, such as, The World’s Best Travel Jacket,  Trunkster, Better Back, Pugz, and many more (As a side note, all of the aforementioned companies raised over a million dollars in their campaign).  One of the best things about this firm is that they run the marketing based on a contingency fee, which is nice because they take all of the risk for the paid marketing.     

Since I am working with Funded Today, and I’ve got a team helping me orchestrate the marketing, March 1st is a hard and fast date for the launch.  I won’t be changing the date again!