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8/25/16 - Manufacturing Update

First thing’s first, please forgive me for not getting this update out last week.  We have been in discussions with our manufacturer to resolve some issues that have risen in the last two weeks.  I didn’t want to publish an update before resolving these issues.  

Now to the issues.

We expected to ship the backpacks out to all of the backers before the end of September.  To accomplish this goal, we needed to get all of the materials to the manufacturer by the end of August. I was in charge of ordering and shipping the leather and hardware, and they arrived by the middle of August.  

However, we placed a large order to have the fabric produced specifically for our bags, and this has taken longer than we hoped.  The fabric has been delayed for a couple of weeks.  This delay has pushed back the production start date.  Our original plan was to ship the fabric by boat to cut costs, but as result of the delays, we will be air-freighting all of the fabric to the manufacturer, and then we will be flying in all of the bags for fulfillment in an effort to expedite delivery.  

As of today, we are being told that all of the bags should be finished and ready to ship by October 1st.  We will then fly all of the bags from Vietnam to Salt Lake City, Utah to our fulfillment center.  We are expecting the bags to land in Utah by October 7th.  Then, we will do everything we can to get them shipped out as fast as possible.  

We’re so sorry for the delay.  We are trying to do all we can to speed up this process.  While shipping by air is costing our company a substantial amount more, we decided that it’s more important to put you, our backer’s, first.  We really want the Breton brand to mean quality, and when you receive your bags, I am confident it will be worth the wait.  No expense was spared, from the craftsmanship down to each of the materials. 

Just a quick story for those interested.  I was told by our manufacturers that one of the buckles in my original design wasn’t made in China.  They were trying to convince me that using a smaller buckle would end up costing me a lot less, because it would require less leather and material on the handles.  I just wasn’t happy with how it changed the look and feel of the bag.  So, I found a US company that made the right-sized buckle, and special ordered the buckles.  These are the kinds of details that matter, and I can’t wait for you to get your bag.  Thank you for taking this journey with our company.