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Review of Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

This last week, I listened to the book Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday.  One of my biggest takeaways is the need to create a perpetual marketing machine.  The goal of a perpetual marketing machine, from my understanding, is that your marketing will grow on its own.  That's to say, at a certain point, your marketing can take off and bring in revenue greater than the effort because you have found a hack or inefficiency that you can leverage.  

As I reflected on this concept, I reviewed the different marketing channels that we try to use, such as social media, email, and influencers.  The effect of the changes Facebook made to Instagram over the last year has really affected the efficiency and ROI of social media and influencer marketing.  As we have tried to figure out hacks that will allows us to interact with our followers more easily (i.e. get them onto a different platform that does not stifle our engagement), we have found email to be the most powerful engagement tool with our followers.  

We have tried different techniques and strategies to get our Instagram followers’ email addresses, but have had little success engaging with our followers on Instagram.  That is, up until this past week, when we seemed to have a small breakthrough.  This past week we started reaching out to our followers for feedback on a wallet (link) that we are launching in the next month.  I was surprised by the engagement level on Instagram and through email.  The amount of followers who tagged non-followers and shared our survey with potential customers caught me off-guard.  I don’t know if merely talking about new products is a way of creating a perpetual marketing machine, but it has sure helped us to reach out and create real engagement with our followers that I find sincere and interesting.