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Interview With Jordan Winn

In today’s episode, I interview Jordan Winn.  The episode can be here.  Jordan is the creative mind behind the winnlosedraw instagram account and he is also the founder of Dead Rooster Co, which is a dry rub barbeque company.  In addition, Jordan also works on freelance design and photography.   Jordan is the fourth person I have interviewed who dropped out of college to pursue their dreams.  Jordan was a senior in college when he decided to stop going to school so that he could pursue graphic designing full time.  Jordan explains that he came to a crossroads - He could continue his studies, become a psychiatrist, and have a good income and steady job, or he could chase something...

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Interview with Albion Fit

In episode eleven of my podcast, I interview Liz and Dave Findlay, the Co-Founders of Albion Fit.  Liz and Dave are really good friends of mine that showed me around Guatemala a couple of years ago when I took the above picture.  Albion Fit makes fitness clothing and swimsuits for women and girls.  This episode can be found on iTunes or Stitcher. Liz and Dave have built an incredible business, and I love their inspiring story because they refused to quit in spite of their circumstances.  Liz and Dave moved to Guatemala around ten years ago to help Liz’s father run a manufacturing business.  Shortly after moving to Guatemala, the market changed dramatically, and a once thriving business with over 1000...

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Crowdfunding Obstacles

In the last month, I’ve been a little bit out of commission.  My goal to write a blog post every day definitely did not work out.  In my defense, a lot has happened.  In the last month, I realized I had to push my crowdfunding campaign back to March, I worked a legal temp job, I am currently trying to start a small company so I can keep working on entrepreneurial efforts, and my five-year-old son broke his arm and had surgery. About a month ago, I came to the realization that I had to push back the launch date for my crowdfunding campaign to March.  Here’s my reasoning: 1.) The samples of my backpack were not coming back right....

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House That Lars Built Interview

I have published episode 7 of my podcast.  In this podcast, I interview Brittany Watson Jepsen, who is the creative genius behind the hip design blog, “The House that Lars Built.”  Brittany was kind enough to give me an hour of her time, so that I could share her entrepreneurial story with you.   In this podcast, Brittany describes her creative process and what she looks for in design projects.  I was fascinated to hear how Brittany comes up with ideas and how the those ideas come to life.  Please check out the podcast here.  

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Interview with David Lesué, Founder and CEO of Stately Type

A new episode of my podcast, “Entrepreneur Stories” has been published.  You can find the podcast here.  In this episode, I interview David Lesué.  David is the CEO and Founder of Stately Type.  David is also working full time as the creative director at Workfront.   Recently, I have talked to a lot of entrepreneurs who wished they had waited another six months to a year before they quit their previous job.  David is a great example of someone who has kept his full time job and started a successful company on the side.  According to David, the reason it works so well is because Stately Type allows him to design in a way that he doesn't necessarily get to do anymore as...

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