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Interview With Jordan Winn

In today’s episode, I interview Jordan Winn.  The episode can be here.  Jordan is the creative mind behind the winnlosedraw instagram account and he is also the founder of Dead Rooster Co, which is a dry rub barbeque company.  In addition, Jordan also works on freelance design and photography.   Jordan is the fourth person I have interviewed who dropped out of college to pursue their dreams.  Jordan was a senior in college when he decided to stop going to school so that he could pursue graphic designing full time.  Jordan explains that he came to a crossroads - He could continue his studies, become a psychiatrist, and have a good income and steady job, or he could chase something...

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Interview with David Lesué, Founder and CEO of Stately Type

A new episode of my podcast, “Entrepreneur Stories” has been published.  You can find the podcast here.  In this episode, I interview David Lesué.  David is the CEO and Founder of Stately Type.  David is also working full time as the creative director at Workfront.   Recently, I have talked to a lot of entrepreneurs who wished they had waited another six months to a year before they quit their previous job.  David is a great example of someone who has kept his full time job and started a successful company on the side.  According to David, the reason it works so well is because Stately Type allows him to design in a way that he doesn't necessarily get to do anymore as...

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Social Media Report Card

This is the first of a series of social media reports that I will post each week summarizing my social media growth and interaction.  Each week, I will review different strategies that I implemented, the strategy’s origin, and its success or failure.  As a warning, you might find this blog post a bit dry if you're not interested in statistics and building a community brand.  Strategy This week the strategy that I tried to implement was consistency in posting.  (This strategy can be found here:  I made a goal to post twice a day to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and post two separate blog articles. I was only successful with the Instagram and blog posts. I consistently posted twice a day on Instagram,...

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