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Seth Godin's Startup School: Episode 3

I have been offline for most of the past week because my hard drive died for the second time this year.  I just got my computer back today, and I am excited to start posting my story again.   In this post, I am going to continue my notes on Seth Godin’s Startup School.  However, I am no longer going to merely post my notes, but I am going to apply his advice to my business.  I would recommend listening to these podcasts because they really get you thinking about your business idea, and the things you must do to be successful.   Episode 3 - Creating a Sales Funnel and Creating Scarcity One of Seth’s most powerful moments in...

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New Podcast and Seth Godin's Startup School Episode 2

My third podcast episode is live!  In this episode, I interview the very busy and inspiring, Lindsay Hadley.  She is not only the founder and CEO of Hadley Consulting, but also somehow found time to Co-Found Time Machine, which is an app that allows you to support charity campaigns for your favorite causes.  Lindsay is extremely passionate about making the world a better place and has helped various non-profits raise money through music festivals.  Lindsay has organized music festivals in Australia, New York, and Utah.  You can find this new podcast here  Please share this podcast with your friends and colleagues! In regards to my workday yesterday, I spent a lot of the day researching and emailing additional individuals...

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Seth Godin's Startup School

I recently found Seth Godin's Startup School podcast series.  This podcast series has incredible information for anyone who has considered starting a business.  The podcast series is fifteen episodes.  I am going to post my notes from each episode over the next couple of weeks.  Below is my summary of Episode 1 - Freelancer or Entrepreneur.  Episode 1 - Freelancer or Entrepreneur As a contractor/freelancer, you work for yourself, and you only make money when you work.  In contrast, if you are an entrepreneur, you work for yourself, but you also have the potential to start a business that makes money while you sleep.  The job of an entrepreneur is to build a system that can scale.  You must have discipline to...

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