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Interview With Cahlan Sharp

Today I published episode 15 of my podcast. In this episode, I interview Cahlan Sharp about starting his business, Dev Mountain, which is a successful and competitive coding school.  You can find the episode here on iTunes or Stitcher. Cahlan’s entrepreneurial journey started in college when he realized he didn’t want to be a doctor because he wasn’t passionate about the work.  At the time, he was working at an educational company doing marketing and simple coding.  In addition to work, he taught himself how to code at night.  Cahlan came to realize that he had a passion for coding.  After a couple of years, he was able to start working as a computer programmer.   Cahlan ended up becoming...

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eCommerce Lessons

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that my wife and I were going to try and start an online business.  Prior to starting our company, I went and sat in each room of our house and wrote down everything that I saw.  I had a long list of potential products that we could sell.  My wife was looking over this list and she thought selling tampons online might be a good idea.  We did a bit of investigation and decided that organic tampons might work.   The next step was trying to find a distributor.  We started by calling the different organic tampon companies.  After speaking to a couple of different places, we decided to use Honest Green.  Honest...

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Interview With Rick Atkin

In this episode of Entrepreneur Stories, I interview Rick Atkin.  Rick is the Founder and CEO of Sole Fire.  Sole Fire is a company that is in the process of developing technology for shoe inserts that heat up by the movement of your feet.  Rick was able to license this interesting technology with the University of Utah’s Tech Office.  We discuss this long process in the episode, along with many other topics. We discuss the different technical difficulties Rick has run into while developing the technology behind Sole Fire.  While discussing employment issues, Rick shares why he believes you need to understand a person’s failure narrative and their soft skills in order to hire the right person.   For anyone...

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Interview with Michael Zaro

I posted episode 13 of my podcast today.  In this episode, I interview Michael Zaro.  Michael is the CEO of Coding Campus, Managing Partner of Verisage, and Managing Director of Startup Dojo.  The podcast can be found here on iTunes or Stitcher.   Michael started college with the ambition of becoming a dentist and working with his uncles.  After some significant experiences and classes, he realized that he wanted to become an entrepreneur.  Since this decision, Michael has started 7 companies of which 6 still exist.  He has great insight on bootstrapping, since he has bootstrapped every single one of his companies.   I had a great time interviewing Michael, and I hope you enjoy the episode.

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Interview With Jordan Winn

In today’s episode, I interview Jordan Winn.  The episode can be here.  Jordan is the creative mind behind the winnlosedraw instagram account and he is also the founder of Dead Rooster Co, which is a dry rub barbeque company.  In addition, Jordan also works on freelance design and photography.   Jordan is the fourth person I have interviewed who dropped out of college to pursue their dreams.  Jordan was a senior in college when he decided to stop going to school so that he could pursue graphic designing full time.  Jordan explains that he came to a crossroads - He could continue his studies, become a psychiatrist, and have a good income and steady job, or he could chase something...

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