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House That Lars Built Interview

I have published episode 7 of my podcast.  In this podcast, I interview Brittany Watson Jepsen, who is the creative genius behind the hip design blog, “The House that Lars Built.”  Brittany was kind enough to give me an hour of her time, so that I could share her entrepreneurial story with you.   In this podcast, Brittany describes her creative process and what she looks for in design projects.  I was fascinated to hear how Brittany comes up with ideas and how the those ideas come to life.  Please check out the podcast here.  

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Interview with David Lesué, Founder and CEO of Stately Type

A new episode of my podcast, “Entrepreneur Stories” has been published.  You can find the podcast here.  In this episode, I interview David Lesué.  David is the CEO and Founder of Stately Type.  David is also working full time as the creative director at Workfront.   Recently, I have talked to a lot of entrepreneurs who wished they had waited another six months to a year before they quit their previous job.  David is a great example of someone who has kept his full time job and started a successful company on the side.  According to David, the reason it works so well is because Stately Type allows him to design in a way that he doesn't necessarily get to do anymore as...

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Clark's Flower Business

Last spring, a neighborhood boy came to our house to sell bread.  After he left, my son Clark said,  “I want a business.”  My wife and I asked him what type of business he would like to have.  Clark’s first idea was to sell gummy worms to neighbors.  We told Clark it might get difficult selling to the same neighbors as the young man selling bread.  I told Clark that he should find something that local businesses would want or need each week.  His next ideas were cookies or chocolate.  As my wife and Clark continued talking, they came up with the idea of selling fresh flowers to businesses on a weekly basis.      About two weeks later, after...

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Interview with Tom Clark - Social Dental's Founder and CEO

Today, I published the 5th episode of Entrepreneur Stories!  The episode can be found here  Someone recently asked me what my end goal is with this podcast.  I told him that I started doing it for the purpose of networking and building a community around my crowdfunding projects.  During this process however, the podcast has become a major source of inspiration for me personally as an entrepreneur, and many days has inspired me to keep going. In today’s episode, I interview Tom Clark, the Founder and CEO of Social Dental.  Tom is a serial entrepreneur who has one of the best stories I have ever heard, including leaving college for good during the middle of one of his classroom...

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Entrepreneur Stories: Episode 4

  Today, I posted Episode 4 of my podcast which can be found on iTunes here, on Stitcher here, or below.  In this episode, I interview Jess Larsen, the President of Armour Stream and Founder of the Child Rescue Association.   Jess’s entrepreneur story is incredible, from dropping out of design school, to founding his current venture, Armour Midstream, which is an asset management firm.  I was so impressed that Jess also found to start the Child Rescue Association, a nonprofit that rescues children from sex slavery around the world.  Over the years, Jess has started numerous different private equity startups and has a wealth of knowledge from his successes and failures.  During his career, he’s also had the opportunity to consult...

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