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StartFEST Day 3

(StartFEST graffiti art) The best news from today was that I received a phone call letting me know that the newly designed backpack sample is ready, along with an email letting me see some pictures of the sample!  I had the backpack overnighted so that I can look at it in more detail tomorrow.  I also attended some lectures at StartFEST.  I had a really fun time and learned a lot.  I was so inspired and motivated by such speakers as Jeff Kearl, Josh James, Greg Warnock, Jeff Lyman, Clarke Miyasaki, Susan Petersen, David Bradford, Gavin Christensen, Dave Bateman, and Jeff Burningham.  However, the speaker who had the most practical advice for me in my business, was a presenter named Heidi Green....

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StartFEST Day 2

Day 2 of StartFEST: At least two people today said that you need to work your butt off if you want your startup to be successful.  If you’ll remember my post here, Mark Cuban’s advice to “kick your own [butt]” is actually what motivated me in the first place to start my own entrepreneurial journey.  Butt kicking, it would seem, is turning out to be a major theme across the board.   Some of the biggest names of day two at StartFEST were Dave Bateman, CEO of Entrata (formerly Property Solutions) and Clarke Miyasaki, Vice President of Business Development at Stance.  Below are some of my favorite quotes and thoughts from the day. Nate Gardner - EVP, MX “Build a...

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StartFEST Day 1

  (Greg Warnock, Josh James and Jeff Kearl) Yesterday, I attended Provo’s StartFEST.  It was exciting to see some of Utah’s most successful entrepreneurs, like Ryan Smith of Qualtrics, Jeff Kearl of Stance, Josh James of Domo, and so many others.  I think the hardest part was trying to take in all of the information throughout the day.  Below are some of my favorite quotes and thoughts from the day.   A Conversation With Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith "You need to make sure your business is fully baked before you try to scale it" “You will learn a lot more from companies that failed than succeeded.” A Fireside Chat With Mercato Partners Managing Director - Greg Warnock,  DOMO CEO -...

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Podcast Success

I finally figured out how to post my podcast! After trying in vain for three days to figure it out by myself, I finally listened to my wife and emailed Libsyn’s support team.  Not surprisingly, they were able to help me figure it out in about five minutes. Here is what prevented me from uploading my podcast.  First, Libsyn is a media host that allows you to store your podcasts.  Libsyn generates your podcast feed and then you can upload it to Itunes.  I uploaded the episode correctly.  I uploaded the episode artwork correctly.  However, I didn't realize I had to add the artwork to the entire podcast show.  Writing this in retrospect makes me feel really dumb because I...

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Tech Packs and Podcasts

Today, I met with my designer to finish the tech pack and prepare the backpack so that it can be sent off to the manufacturer for sampling.  Generally, a tech pack is a set of instructions for the manufacturer on how to make specific products.  My designer helped me bring my concepts and ideas to life in my tech pack in a way that I haven’t been able to do on my own.  His expertise with Adobe In Design and just general ability to draw out my ideas has shown me the power of the often quoted statement “Do what you do best and hire out the rest.”  I’ve included a sneak peek into the backpack below.  As you can...

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