Our Story

Hello! My name is Joseph May. I am a recovering attorney who has worked for enough people to last a lifetime.  After realizing how much I disliked attorney life, I worked for a startup as the director of operations for awhile, before I decided to risk it all, and become an entrepreneur full-time.

This bag project was jump-started by Mark Cuban. Really, no joke! When I was considering whether or not to make this bag, I came across the following quote by Mark Cuban:

[E]very entrepreneur's job is to invent the future. I also call it ‘kicking your own [butt].” Someone is out there who thinks they have a better idea than you have. A better solution than you have. A better or more efficient product than you have...it's part of your job as the owner of the company to stay ahead of them. http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222501.

After reading this quote, I decided I was not going to be the guy who stood on the sidelines saying, “I came up with that idea first, but I was too busy.” From that day on, I started waking up at 4 am, so that I could work on the project for three hours before I went to work. Now a year later, I am finally launching this bag.  

I have a bunch of kids (4) and a beautiful wife who keeps me on my toes.  If I'm not in the office, I'm probably road biking.